Syllabus + Daily Schedule

Here you will find a link to your syllabus…but beware! The daily schedule of readings and assignments is schedule to change. In fact, it will almost definitely change in some capacity during the semester. However, I will always give you plenty of notice when any changes take place.


Wednesday, Jan. 22 Class 1 Introductions; syllabus, review blog No assignment due
Friday Jan 24 Class 2 Intro to genres; intro to 1st essay—what is a personal essay?
Monday Jan 27 Class 3 First free write; introduce audience and purpose Read: Anne Lamot’s “Shitty First Drafts” on blogRead: NFG’s p. 27-51 and take notes on anything you think might help you write your essay
Wed Jan 29 Audience and purpose activity; how to peer review Read: Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue”Read: NFG’s “Rhetorical Situations” p. 3-11
Fri. Jan 31 Intros and Conclusions; discussion and activity with Amy Tan Pgs. 306-309, 312-317
Mon. Feb 3 How to Peer Review; practice in class Pgs. 275-281; bring a copy of one paragraph/section of your essay
Wed. Feb 5 Twitter activity?
Fri Feb. 7 Peer Review day! Laptops in class, bring a hardcopy if it helps, but you MUST have a full working draft by this time.
Mon. Feb 10 Intro to essay #2 Read: pp. 52-57 and 69-78 in textbook (“Analyzing Texts” section)on blog read: “Ethos, Pathos, Logos: The Rhetorical Triangle”
Wed. Feb 12 Laptops! modes of appeal—ethos/pathos/logos  Read: “On Dumpster Diving” by Lars Eighner
Fri. Feb 14 ESSAY 1 IS DUE TODAYAnalyzing non-traditional texts
Mon Feb 17 Ad share/discussion Read:   pgs 323-328 and 333-341in textbook**Don’t forget to bring your ads + write ups
Wed. Feb 19 More ad share/discussion from your blog posts **write blog post on one of the listed ads and be prepared to discuss
Fri Feb 21 Thesis writing FOR NEXT CLASS: find/bring your own ads (2) that display at least two of the three modes of appealAND Write: a short paragraph write up for each ad and bring to class next time
Mon Feb 24 Discussion day! Read: “This is Water” by David Foster Wallace on blogBRING TO CLASS: three questions you are left with after reading essay
Wed. Feb 26 Class CANCELLED Under the “Readings” tab find two links about the Dove Beauty campaign. Watch the video ad first and do a partial analysis as we’ve practiced in class. Then read the article linked beneath it and write down your reactions. Does this change your analysis? How does it make you feel? Agree/disagree? Write your response in at least 300 words ON THE BLOG
Mon. March 3 Peer Review Day for your AD ESSAY!! Bring laptops if you prefer or 2 copies of your paper! **YOU MUST: come prepared with 3 QUESTIONS for your partners to answer about your paper
Wed. March 5 Reading and discussion; paraphrasing vs. summarizing; citationIntroducing essay 3: what is research? How do we plan? Annotated bibs Read: pgs. 422-433 in your textbookRead: “How and When to Quote, Summarize, and Paraphrase” on blog
Fri. March 7  Reflecting so far…How to develop a good research question ESSAY 2 DUE TODAY
Mon. March 17  HW: Post 3 topics on blog that you are considering for your research–write a few details about each i.e. why you are interested, what you already know, what you hope to discover etc.
Wed. March 19 Research librarian day, come prepared to talk about your topics
Fri March 21 Note Taking, marginalia, citation, reading for content Read: Both food articles under the ‘readings’ tab (“Dining Green” and “Raw Diet”); take notes on authors (credible?), genre, audience, and contentHW OVER WEEKEND: You must email me your topic idea along with the research questions you have in mind (there may be more than one)
Mon. March 24 Annotated Bibs/citation/researchPlagiarism/Citations Read: pgs 155-163 in textbook, begin looking at pg 484 and onward (the MLA citation section of your book)Read: pgs. 453-456 in textbook “Evaluating Sources”Read: pgs. 475-482 in Textbook
Wed. March 26
Fri. March 28
Mon. March 31  Analysis v. Summary; grammar lessons  ANNOTATIONS FOR THREE SOURCES DUE TODAYRead: “Ten Unusual Sources for Research”
Wed. April 2 Argument v Counter Argument BRING LAPTOPS TO CLASS
Fri. April 4 Synthesizing ideas Laptop day: bring your annotated bibs (what you have so far)Play: The Grammar Game on
Mon. April 7  Read: “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” (under readings tab)Respond: On blog, write a paragraph response to this article. I’m not assigning specific guidelines; I just want you to react to the writing–agree/disagree and why etc…
Wed. April 9 Introduce proposals; Logical Fallacies
Fri. April 11 More on proposals/thesis making  FULL ANNOTATED BIBS DUE IN CLASS
Mon. April 14 outlining and SPQ in class Read: pgs. 208-213 in your book on proposalsBe prepared to discuss in class next time
Wed. April 16 No Classes: Conferences Bring me 2 questions!
Fri. April 18 No Classes: Conferences Bring me 2 questions!
Mon. April 21 more on Proposals/thesis/evidence etc
Wed. April 23 Radical revision activity
Fri. April 25 Peer Review day for your Proposals Bring to class: 2 copies of your draft OR your lap top
Mon. April 28 OR PR day today? Read: “Radical Revision: My Road from Fairytale to Catharsis” on wiki


post about what you’ll do your radical revision on!
Fri. May 2 Course reflection free write; class summary

Radical Revision DUE IN CLASS

read-around; teacher evals



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