Logical Fallacies

My initial reaction to this article is confusion. The author dances around quite a bit, and I’m not sure if he’s trying to say that drugs like Prozac are bad and shouldn’t be used or if he’s trying to make an argument about the reform of gun laws.

There were a number of fallacies scattered throughout this article. The first big one I find is in the first sentence of the 5th paragraph. The author commits the Post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy in saying that there is a direct correlation between people who are on anti depressants and people who commit school shootings.

The second big fallacy that stands out to me is in paragraph nine. He talks about how having law enforcement act like a military is the last step towards a dictatorship. This is an example of the slippery slope fallacy.

I don’t think that this author is credible. There are a number of instances of incorrect information in the article.


Helena, Kurtis. “CT School Shooting.” Examiner. 18 Dec. 2012. Web.



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