CT shooting

Although I agree with some of the points that Helena makes, the way his argument is made lacks credibility.  It was quite obvious that this article wasn’t peer reviewed, or even spell checked. There were numerous logical fallacies combined with his bold bias that overall made his writing entertaining at best.

One point that I found to be very eye catching was Helena’s assumption that everybody that has a mental illness and is taking some type of medication is a danger to society. Helena says, “Are we going to continue to allow those on these meds to drive and vote given their mental instability?” The title of the article is
“CT School Shooting” but one of the conclusions which he reaches is that those individuals who are being treated for a mental illness should be stripped of their rights. Throughout Helena’s article he creates conclusions for various situations which he believes are all contributing factors towards shootings. His logic however is not very sound and doesn’t give the reader anything to grasp on as he or she attempts to read this article. 

Helena, Kurtis. “CT School Shooting.” Examiner. 18 Dec. 2012. Web.


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