CT Shooting Article

This article was interesting. It is an opinionated political article. It was hard for me to nail down Kurtis Helena’s argument. He jumped from teachers not carrying weapons, to autism, to dictatorship, to banning guns, to medicine. At the end of the article Helena finally gets to the brass tax – “… which ignores the root cause, the meds” (Helena). His argument went a completely different direction then what I thought. The “root cause” was the medicine that the shooter took. Okay, that was understood at the beginning and ending of the article, however, the middle was full of random arguments. He focused not only on medicine and autism but also gun control and even dictatorship. He makes hasty generalizations such as claiming that he “can tell with absolute confidence”  that people with autism would not go through the process of purchasing a gun. Helena is credible in the sense that he has a brother that is autistic so he knows how people with autism act. Helena also begs the question when he repeats his argument; “Again the very same thing that prevents makes them autistic, is the very same thing that makes them incapable of perpetrating such an act” (Helena). Helena also wrote a slippery slope about all people that initiate shootings are mentally ill and take dangerous medicine.  Overall, this article makes many of assumptions and opinions that can be seen as controversial.


Helena, Kurtis. “OP- ED: CT School Shooting.” examiner.com.

18 December 2012. Web. 22 April 2014.


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