CT Shooting Article Response- Jenn Daniel

My initial reaction while reading this opinion editorial was that there were a lot of distracting typos and confusing sentences. I was able to comprehend the article, but these typos were things that should not be present in an opinion editorial and made the author less credible. The author of this article was Kurtis Helena. Since it was an opinion article, it is hard to establish his credentials, but perhaps he was a concerned citizen or someone with an authoritative position expressing his thoughts about the Sandy Hook shooting.

After reading this article, there were two fallacies that I noticed immediately. First, Helena says “On the far right we have people arguing that if we had god in the classroom this wouldn’t have happened. On the left the say ban all guns.” While these are some of the platforms of conservatives and liberals, Helena has over-simplified them and made it into just two viewpoints. Another fallacy worth noting was the hasty generalization Helena made about individuals with autism. “My brother is autistic and I’ve been around other autistic individuals so I have an understanding of the behavior and the disorder. I can tell with absolute confidence that this is NOT something an autistic person would do.” While this may be the case for his brother, not all people with autism behave the same way.

Helena, Kurtis. “OP-ED: CT School Shooting.” Examiner.com. 18 December 2012.Web. 22 April 2014.


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