Is Google making Us Stupid? Response by Melissa Torres

After reading the article “Is Google Making US Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr I have came to the conclusion that I disagree with his stance on Google. Carr believes that Google is to blame for our lack of attention span on any article that extends from two pages. As a student I’m convinced that the information from textbooks are hardly read since Google gives us the ability to find out an answer by simply asking a question onto the search system. He painted a very negative tone as he described that people in my generation read rapidly to quickly get the information that they need rather then soaking it all up thus they created a new way of thinking and learning. People tend to skim articles because that is the least time consuming. Carr is addressing this article to the group of people that do not realize that what is happening to the society around them. It is frightening knowing that people relay too much on Google. I know from my own experience and the experiences of my friends that because of Google we tend to learning information like geography, some concepts of math and facts of history just for the amount of time leading up to a quiz or test because looking up things on Google is so much more effective therefore more efficent. Google was created to be a quick way to look up information so, it is up to the person to determine what they want out of Google to make up their mind on how to use it. Google does not control our actions so it is not responsible for making us stupid.


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