Is google making us stupid? Jason Martin

After reading the article, the author Nicholas Carr has proven his abilities in persuasion. I agree with many of the points Carr has presented.  However, I disagree on his idea that google is to blame. He exclaimed the fact people in our current generation do not have the mental capacity to continue reading long extended articles or books and only seeks to find summaries or important information. With the availability of modern technology to provide information easily with an access of a computer makes books obsolete allowing the skimming world to grow. There is no doubt that this claim is true as the most common phrase that a person would exert when they do not know something is “google it” rather than going through a big encyclopedia or textbook to learn the information. But, I personally believe google is not to blame as they are not the first to implement a search engine where the masses can use for their curiosities. It felt to me that his tone and style illustrates his committed approach to his personal problematic belief which enabled him to easily blame on something. The pacing of mankind seems to lean towards a world where quantity and speed is becoming more important than quality and concentration which is quite the problem. But it seems like a problem that has no solution because we cannot revert back to past methods as it is rational. The article was quite enlightening and informative in its purpose of presenting this increasing problem.


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