Is Google making Us Stupid? Arame Diebate

I thought this article was informative and also a little thought provoking as well.  I do understand the author’s point of view even though I think he overstates it.  I particularly do not believe in his thesis statements.  Sometimes people tend to be overly nostalgic and refuse to look at the bigger pictures,  Why blame google? it is not like before google everybody read books.  Why single out books ? Eating is part of a well nutritious balanced diet but eating too much can be deadly.  should we all go back to living like cavemen? Part of me feels like this is first world countries problems.  When you live in  a third world country where books libraries are scarce having google, the internet makes a whole different on how up to date you are with your counterparts from all over the world.  As all of us have choice to actually read books or not it is not google’s fault what we choose to read or how.  It is so easy to blame something or someone for our personal poor choices.  Then we also have to be cost effective with money and space more and more limited people can’t afford a library in their house and the more expensive costs of paper books and magazines


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