Is Google Making Us Stupid?

I find myself taking a skeptical stance on Carr’s argument that google is making us stupid. He does bring up valid points such as speed reading when trying to find an article online and not taking in all the information. To that I say that there is a time and place for skimming and a time and place for deep reading. If I find an article online that is very interesting, I actually am glad if it is lengthy so that there is more time to enjoy it. Not to mention the skill of reading and immersing myself in the novel’s plot and character still has not been lost to me. Maybe it is a skill that has to be relearned or he has to recondition his mind. Whatever reason it is, I do not think he has right to assume that since his attention span is shortening while reading, now everyone’s attention span is shortening and it is because of google. He does make certain points that resonate but to make the assumption that EVERYONE is becoming stupid because of google is a little bit of a stretch. I think the audience he is trying to reach is anyone and everyone who reads or writes or uses google often. I do not think there is any specific demographic he is trying to target. As to his worries about artificial intelligence and the weakening of the human mind we will just have to wait and see if any irreversible harm is to come of this or if it is truly a scientific and intellectual leap for man-kind.


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