Is Google making Us Stupid?

Google isn’t making us stupider, as Carr suggests. In my personal experience, I have not found that the use of the internet has shortened my attention span for things outside of the net – just things on the net.  I found it funny because the article was so long that I found it difficult to finish. That being said, I can still sit down with a textbook and plow through 50+ pages of material. I don’t deny that I too hop from site to site, never usually finishing any one bit of writing, but I don’t think that this practice is any different than when you look up a word in an index and go pick out specific bits of info from a book either. The only advantage of Google is that you don’t have to sit around and look through the indexes.

I think the audience that Carr is trying to reach is really everyone and anyone who uses the internet, as they would all be affected by this. The author kept a pretty consistent informative tone throughout the piece. These were accompanied by small points where Carr seemed to feel worried about the changes the net is making on him and others. It’s been mentioned by others that they felt he didn’t look at the opposing side to his argument, and I’d have to say I agree. He focuses entirely on the negative aspects of the topic and doesn’t address any positives, even if to refute them.


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