Is Google making us stupid?

After reading the article “Is Google making us stupid?”  By Nicholas Carr, I can that I agree with him to a degree. Compared to when my parents were in school, things have become much easier and information is now available in seconds. This has caused a huge effect in the way that children now learn. Why read a textbook when you can just google the answer? Why read a book when cliff notes exist? Not to say that I am complaining, because I used these sources a lot in through high school. I am just saying that google has made this generation lazier and more dependent on technology. A perfect example is when it comes to world geography. Most people could not even point to map where most African or European countries are located at, they have to google it. Also with google most people use it for short term gains, as in remember something for a test or essay and after it is over they tend to just forget it. Overall the tone for this paper was negative because of the fact, that he implied as google becomes more and more power, people will overall become dumber. I feel liked this was too biased and he did not really prepare himself for a counter argument, but I still agree with the overall idea of this article. I feel like the audience for this paper would be anyone who uses the internet a lot for the purpose of them knowing the “damaged” that is being done to their brains. Even though Google is probably one of the greatest inventions of mankind, I cannot deny the fact that it has made people lose their attention span, memory retention, and overall care for learning methods from the past.


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