Is Google making us Stupid

I agree with many of the points Carr presents, many of which I wasn’t fully aware of until reading the article. One of Carr’s main ideas is how we use the internet as a tool to become for efficient and in turn we have enhanced our skimming, page bouncing, and hotlink following. The information provided by the UK library of people skimming through their data bases and bouncing to a new page after reading only 1 or 2 pages is very compelling and many people are able to relate to that. We have become focused on merely being efficient and through that, reading as an art has decayed. There aren’t many people who read for leisure nowadays, similar to Carr’s example of the factory workers. Before, the crafting of their items may have been considered an art however after the more efficient way had been discovered, the process become very automated and systematic. I think the problem that Carr is addressing extends beyond just internet; it goes to society actually deterring people from reading as leisure. What happens all throughout middle school and high school: Mandatory summer readings and even more in class readings in school. This correlates with Carr’s idea of how our brains are programmed. As we grow up, we are mandated these readings, which for the most part receive negative reactions from the students. Similar to the workers, students had to use efficient, systematic approaches to read, causing them to “grumble about the strict new regime.”


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