Is Google Making us Stupid? ….Maybe.

This article was enlightening and, quite frankly, scary. This article discussed how “the Net” has changed the way people think. I completely agree with this article. We have become a society that is so used to looking at a computer screen that we dread the thought of picking up a book. I personally love reading, yet I, like so many including Carr, lose attention within the first page. The audience he was reaching out to are the people who don’t realize what is happening to society. Carr referred to the Internet as “the Net” which created an image that we are not stuck in the “Web” but captured in the “Net”; unable to escape. He also used strong language about Google and “taylorism” create a feeling of severity. Carr’s purpose is to bring thoughts of the Internet and how it has changed our minds. He wants us to think about how we think and how that has changed over the years. Also, Carr discussed Google and how it is used to create easier ways to search and gather information. The fact that the inventors of Google claimed that Google would eventually work out to be artificial intelligence and how that would be good for us because it would be smarter than us is frightening. I do not think it would be wise to give ourselves to machines and technology. There needs to be a limit to how much control technology has in our lives. 


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