Is Google Making Us Stupid? Julia Moskel

After reading the article I  found things I agreed with and yet disagreed with. Yes it is now easier to get information for a project with simply a few clicks away, but that doesn’t mean the internet is making us any less intelligent. When the author brought up the shortening of newspaper articles, I realized that it is sad that an old form of gaining knowledge has to change.  Another thing the author brought up was his inability  to sit down and read an article after it’s three pages long. Unfortunately sometimes this is true, however, while I was reading this article, and most articles I read, I didn’t skim it. I read from beginning to end,  this isn’t to say I never skim articles but that people haven’t lost there attention spans on everything, it really depends on what we are reading. If the article interests us we are more likely to read the whole thing and not skim it, for example last semester I had 40 pages of an article I had to read for class. I was all ready to just skim through it, but was soon absorbed into the text and very much enjoyed the article. It is a shame that getting absorbed into articles doesn’t happen as often, but the fact is it isn’t dead. I’m not sure whether or not we should be nervous about the internet being such a huge part of our lives, but what I do know is that it is just another tool humans can use to find information.


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