Is Google Making Us Stupid? – Jenn Daniel

This article by Nicholas Carr was very insightful and thought-provoking. As I was reading, I couldn’t help but think of Fahrenheit 451. In this novel, society does not read books or think independently- they are constantly immersed in media, especially television. While books still exist today, people mostly turn to the Internet for their questions and research. While search engines like Google are efficient and easily accessible, it has crippled society. For example, people no longer know how to do proper citations- instead they turn to generators like MLA to do it for them, instead of simply referring to Purdue OWL’s guidelines. You can Google just about anything and find an answer. Google’s mission is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” It seeks to develop “the perfect search engine,” which it defines as something that “understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you want.”  Although Google and the Internet is an extremely helpful resource, it does take away our capacity to think for ourselves and change the way we understand information. Additionally, the article mentioned that newspapers like the New York Times have implemented “article abstracts” so that people no longer have to read the whole article, but instead can just “get the gist” of what the article is about. I find this extremely pathetic and upsetting.

While I do think that the Internet is an efficient resource, I believe in the importance of thinking for yourself and eliminating this idea of “artificial intelligence.”


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