Is Google Making Us Stupid? – Isaiah West

I liked the anecdote that was included at the beginning of the article, how the computer had feelings. That film that came out years ago was in a way foreshadowing the future. Now I feel as if technology runs our mind, and I have a feeling that most people would react the way the HAL machine did if we were take away their phone. It’s so true how the way people think have changed. A few years ago it was commonplace to be in the library checking out books for a class projects, nowadays information is only a click away and instead of reading through information people just changed their searching habits to find exactly what they want in order to save time. I find myself having a harder time sitting down and reading at length, I even skimmed through this article towards the end. I think our brains are now trained to want answers so fast. Google I think has sparked a revolution. They are able to provide people with thousands of results in under a second and they link everything that is correlated to one another together. This has caused a decline in the desire to have slower, concentrated, more methodical work and instead every company wants to perform everything faster because it seems as if efficiency and immediacy and convenience. Google is great at simplifying things and making the world move faster, but ironically I think that the faster the world moves then the slower we will learn. I agree with the article and I think that Google and the fast pace of technology is hurting us.


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