Dove Commercial Beauty campaign: Melissa Torres

The Dove Company was able to recognize that women are mainly in the market to purchase their products; they understood that society is a huge influence on the self-esteem of women. Therefore the Dove Company tried to make an out reach to women by showing/promoting real beauty. The approach that Dove took was to demonstrate in a commercial that beauty is what you make of it, it doesn’t matter how young or old you are it’s rather about how you carry yourself. Dove hired a FBI sketch artist to sketch four women who described themselves to him, the artist and the ladies were separated by a certain. Dove didn’t want the artist to able to see what the girls looked like so their features wouldn’t influence him. Dove highlights that women are their own worst critics. In their description of themselves the women used negative word like fat, big, and old. After their description part was over they were asked to get friendly with another person who then gives the artist another description of the person they were just talking to. It turns out that the drawing that the participants gave themselves were uglier then what they really were, the stranger gave a much more pretty image to artist. The women were able to make a comparison once the drawings were finished; they were all shocked to see a much brighter image, this brought most of the women to tears. I was not surprised to see Dove make a move to profit on women’s insecurities since this has been a on going issue for years now. Dove did a successful job on this ad because they didn’t make it a society issue but rather they made it a self-esteem issue. Women can control what they set off to the world therefore women should try to set the best representation of themselves out there. They need to be sure of who there are in order to make a positive change for themselves.


Business Insider Article:


I definitely thought that this article was a bit too extreme.  I thought that they the over analyzed something that was meant to be positive and uplifting. I believe that the writer totally missed the point of the Dove Commercial because she talked about how women got belittle for freaking out about a blemish. Some people just care about the opinion of others, that’s what gives them social value. Then the writer started to point out that Dove is racially discriminating their own clients by making the darker skin tone girls have more things to complain about. I totally don’t think that’s the case since Dove is in the business of making money. Dove doesn’t want a huge law suite about discrimination. I also think that if Dove was really trying to racially discriminant the darker colored girls they would have not got pretty actors to play their role or have them make them realize their potential in the end of the commercial.


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