Dove Beauty Campaign- Jennifer Daniel

The Dove Beauty Campaign shows women describing themselves to an FBI sketch artist who cannot see them. From the way the women describe themselves, their sketches look unattractive and somewhat sad. When others were asked to describe the women to the artist, the sketches were lively and more accurately represented the women. This goes to show that women are their hardest critics and do not necessarily view themselves as beautiful. I found this ad inspirational and a beautiful display of how women need to recognize their true beauty. Beauty is not defined as the unattainable image that society creates, but it is the joy that you bring to others and the confidence you instill in yourself. This advertisement appears to be targeted towards women of all ages, shapes, and sizes, but perhaps towards society as well to show that everyone has beautiful qualities.

While the article critiquing the Dove campaign had a few good points, I tend to disagree with most of it. I think whoever wrote the article was probably a bitter feminist who looked a little too deeply into things (like the fact that the sketch artist was a male). However, I do agree that the self-description sketches were not necessarily unattractive. I think Dove was just trying to get across that women especially can have low self esteems, and perhaps they truly relish over their imperfections but in reality, what they find unattractive, others find beautiful. Overall, the Dove campaign seemed to be a huge success, and I enjoyed watching the commercial.


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