Julia Dove AD

My first impression of the Dove ad was that it was a beautiful show of how women need to view ourselves. After reading the article however I do understand the grounds for many points of their arguments. They made a few really good points, for example the fact that the sketches to begin with were not unattractive. The sketches that the women originally came up with describing themselves were beautiful and had nothing wrong with them. With the other people describing them and having the two sketches side by side shows a difference in the women’s appearance, with the one on the left being more beautiful. I think the original picture was just as beautiful as the second picture and that Dove inadvertently created an image that we see ourselves not as beautiful when this is not the case. Another thing to be noted was that all the participants we young, thin, and attractive to begin with. Dove did not range into all spectrums of beauty; and made a specific slim group of the population seem more desirable than others. Another thing I noted in the advertisement that the article pointed out was the nearly complete lack of men in the experiment. They only showed men as the subjects describing other people and even then only for a few seconds. The vast majority of the time was spent on the women describing themselves and others and then seeing the two pictures side by side, no men were even shown their picture or drawn before the camera. I believe this advertisement was specifically targeted towards women who see themselves as already nice looking and puts them to the standards of what Dove thinks beauty should be. Of course men aren’t in the ad much, it’s because Dove knows women are more insecure about how they look then men. Dove is basically targeting women to say other people see us as more beautiful than we see ourselves.


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