Jason Martin Dove Beauty Ad

This commercial tries to emphasize that women tend to view themselves more belittling and degrading than they actually are. The ad focuses particularly for women audiences whether they’re young or old, as this was based upon beauty and men aren’t necessarily the kind of people to care much for beauty. In the video, it has a FBI sketch artist who is not looking at his participants when sketching the women based upon their own self description. Then the cycle continues as the next woman enters the empty room.  Then after the FBI artist is done sketching the women based upon their own description, he now asks different people to describe the women drawn previously by their own description and not using the self description of the women’s. The picture drawn from the self description was drawn much uglier, sadder, and even depressing while the pictures drawn from other people’s description came out more brighter, happier, and beautiful. Many of the women who views the picture began to shed tears as they see the difference while the message that was acknowledged that they view themselves terribly.

In my own personal opinion, I really cannot take a side on this matter. Granted I feel the ad was quite biased in its selection of women as none of them were ugly to begin with and as the critics mentioned, diversity did not make much of an appearance. However, I still somewhat agree to the ad’s claim about women’s self esteem about themselves because through experience I’ve met more women who were insecure about themselves compared to see themselves as beautiful. For example, it’s unimaginable how many times I’ve encountered, ” I’m fat or I wish I was prettier” statements.

After reading the article:

After I read the article I was surprised many of my points were mentioned such as how the ad doesn’t use any very old women or particularly very unattractive women. Another point that made me ponder as I read through the article was that, the ad contradicts why they want to sell their product. Such as why would someone need to buy a product that is suppose to make them more beautiful and cleaner when the ad tells the audience they’re already pretty. However, over all, Dove has made an interesting ad based on pathos using emotional uplifting motivation to the viewers to attract them in buying their products. 


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