Dove Beauty Commercial – D’Juan Mercado

After finishing watching the Dove Beauty commercial I can determine that this advertisement is directed towards women of all ages.  It heavily uses Ethos throughout the whole advertisement. This is shown when it talks about self-esteem and how you are more beautiful than you perceive yourself. Also by showing you the women getting watery eyed when they show there self-description sketch. I believe they are trying to play off the fact that most media tries to portray beauty in unrealistic ways but in this commercial you see every day normal women you would see as you are walking down the street. After reading the article that was criticizing the commercial, all I can is chuckle to myself. I disagree mostly with the complaint because overall I see it unprofessional and ridiculous. This is because as I was reading, all I could feel was that these people were complaining just for the sake of complaining. Especially when they were implying that the commercial was racist because there was not enough black women in the commercial, and it was filled with beautiful blued eyed white women. I found this really interesting, because if they were truly upset that it only showed white women then what about Hispanic, Native American, Asian women etc., do they not exist. Another thing that they were mentioning was that people need to stop focusing on beauty and focus on the intangible. If this were true for them, then why are they judging the women in the video and complaining that they are too beautiful and do not represent the majority of women. All trough out reading this article all I saw was hypocritical people complaining over a commercial whose sole purpose is to sell product and get their name out to more potential consumers. Overall I can say that liked the commercial. Yes it was a little over dramatic, but at the end of the day you could day that it was a huge successful. This is because the video went viral and got mostly positive reviews from many people; this kind of attention are what companies pray for and Dove did a good job in their marketing.


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