dove beauty Arame

Dove ad Arame

This ad is geared toward mature women and maybe persons with self-esteem issues. The tone in the ad is pretty monotone and the colors are pretty monochrome too with a hint of blue here and there.  Throughout the ad we have women being sketched by an FBI artist through their own eyes and another person’s point of view.  The artist asks the participants some questions and using their answers he manages to draw their pictures. It focuses on how women in general tend to be more critical of their looks.  This ad is trying to tell women that they are beautiful just the way they look but their way of conveying the message I think is totally wrong. They are trying to make the women understand how judging is so harsh but yet they are judging themselves as well as being judged in the ad. I also don’t like the concept because it wasn’t captivating.  The visual were so boring and plain and it goes against the message that women are unique and beautiful in their own way.  I am also questioning the use of the sketch artist because he is not a source of standard for beauty and then why should this ad have one?  It leaves me with mixed feelings.


I totally agree with the comments about this ad.  I didn’t see the diversity represented in women in general throughout the ad.  I am not just thing black and white here but redhead black hair tall big small tall short. Most of these women were skinny and had very monotone voices.  The judging part really bothered me about this ad.  I think that when the ad really crossed the line was when they implied that women judge themselves harder and kid of chastised a gender for it.  It really borders on sexism really.  They also don’t address the big elephant in the room which is the role of society in this situation because these women were not born self-conscious


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