Dove Beauty Campaign

Dove Video analysis:

This infomercial is trying to show how differently a person is looked at by others than the way she looks at herself. The audience geared toward by this ad is women. Women generally tend to buy a lot more beauty products than men and it is generalized that women are more insecure about their looks than men.  Dove is simply taking advantage of this misconception in promoting their product. Several women show up in this vastly empty room. There is a sketch artist present, who is an FBI sketch guy. Then the women describe themselves without the guy seeming them. After they leave, another person shows up and describes them. The picture drawn with the woman’s own description is uglier, sadder, darker and more insecure than the picture drawn with the other person’s description.  This ad uses a lot of pathos to get its method across because it shows the women crying after she sees how beautiful she really is.

I personally don’t agree with is ad. The guy is hired to sketch a before/after, ugly/beautiful picture. There is a lot of bias in his part. Also, not many people will describe others in a negative way if they know that millions of people are watching. I also think that dove is contradicting itself with this ad because they are selling a beauty product and at the same time saying that women are already beautiful without using one.

After reading the article:

The article re assured me that the ad was nothing but a good marketing strategy. The article mentions how the ad is focused on middle aged, white women. I think that dove has done a good job promoting the product as middle aged, white women could have been their primary customers. Do I agree with the ad? No but that is the whole point. I didn’t buy dove product before nor will I ever buy one. So what do they have to lose by making me and most other people mad? If the audience that buys their product thinks this is an uplifting ad, Dove has done its job. I don’t even think that the C.E.O of Dove agrees with the ad.  But if you can make a lot of money while making a few women feel better, Kudos to you Dove.

Nabindra Guragain


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