I have a lot of mixed thoughts after watching the ad and then reading the article about it afterwards. The idea of this is good, the fact that they’re trying to promote self-confidence in women. A lot of women do have a problem of thinking they’re uglier than they actually are. For example, the sketch made by their own description of themselves was uglier and more depressing than the sketch of them made by other people’s description. That just goes to show you that women tend to think less of themselves and don’t fully appreciate the good features they have. However, they way they went about this was a little strange. Just like the article said, the only women showcased were young, blonde, fairly attractive, and all white. There should have been way more diversity in this to convince people better and to get their message across more successfully: ethnicity, gender, age, looks, etc. Some women may take offense to this since the female gender was only used in this ad. It singles them out and makes them seem like they have more problems than men do, which is why the ad should have least had a male. This appeals to pathos for women because it taps into their true feelings of how they look at themselves. The ad seems to contradict itself as well. They’re trying to sell a product that makes you more beautiful, yet the message they’re getting across is that you’re already beautiful and you just need to realize it. The sales are not going to increase from that. After reading the article, I feel as if they’re being a little hard on the ad, but most of the critiques were true. Furthermore, I feel as if the ad was more a failure than a success.


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by | February 26, 2014 · 10:10 pm

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