dove commercial

This commercial certainly appeals to the emotion. It is demonstrating how women focus on their flaws as opposed to their beauty. When they described themselves they focused on the negative aspects of their features. They pointed out their insecurities and that is what the man that was sketching them drew. However, when other people we asked to describe the same lady, they talked about the features that beautified her. They mentioned her thin face, highlighting her cheek bones, as well as her beautiful blue eyes. Later in the commercial they showed us the two sketches sitting next to each other. The one the lady described about herself, and the one the other individuals described about her. You could see a distinct difference between the two. The sketch described by the other people led to a more beautiful sketch as opposed to what the lady described about herself. Dove did an excellent job reaching out to women and allowing them to focus on why they’re beautiful, and not their flaws. The music in the back ground was quite and also sad, which too emphasized the emotional appeal. At the end of the commercial the words “You are more beautiful than you think” appeared on the screen, getting their message across for the vey last time. Then finally the Dove slogan appeared with their bird beneath.

Reading the article it appeared to me that many people did not take away the same message I did while watching this video. People mentioned the lack of diversity, that women should be focusing on their inner beauty as opposed to their physical beauty, etc. The video did show a majority of “white women,” however there was still some women of color in the video as well. I do agree that people should focus on their inner beauty, but everyone knows physical appearance is important too. It is one of the main things that makes or breaks a women’s self confidence. This campaign had an uplifting, positive purpose in showing women that they are in fact more beautiful than they think.




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