Dove Commercial

This Dove Beauty campaign commercial was moving and enlightening. The women in this commercial were asked to described themselves for a sketch artist and then someone else described them. The sketch artist was Gil Zamora, a sketch artist from the FBI which gives the sketches and overall commercial credibility that these were being accurately sketched based on their descriptions. When the sketches were done they were all hung in pairs from the high ceiling of the sketch room. The room that they were in was open and light providing a sense of freedom and light as these women saw their sketches. Also, all of the furniture that was in the room was white hinting at a sense of innocence and simplicity and also a hint towards dove. Everyone knows dove uses a pure white color in their commercials and on their products so they are just barely hinting towards the company. With that, the focus is put mainly on the women. Everything in the background did not have any meaning when the women were talking on screen. There was simple light music that provided support for a motif of freedom and light. This commercial was made to make women see that what others see is better than what they see on their own.

The article about the Dove Beauty campaign commercial was showed that many people are whole heartedly against the commercial. Reading this I think that the only truly good point that was made was that the number of white women that were on the commercial was higher than any other race shown. I didn’t notice that difference until I had already watched the commercial and read the article. I think that even today there are more white people shown in commercials than any other race. The other points brought up about this commercial making women feel worse about themselves and it showing how there is still a major role of beauty in society are all out of place, in my opinion. I personally think that people may be reading into this too much. I personally have never been a feminist and I think that, yes beauty does play a large role in society. Is that good, to me no, but I know that is there and will be for a long time. I also think that this advertisement was not made to hurt women; if it was it would have done it in a more obvious way. After reading this article I have not changed my analysis about the commercial. I see this commercial working to show women that they are more beautiful than what they think and that each person is their own worst critic.


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