The anti-smoking ads shown are very simple yet very powerful.  There is no video in the advertisement, or even words.  Just a serious of pictures.  But what makes the advertisements so powerful and so convincing is the way they portray smoking and the images they give of children.  What’s interesting in the first few ads is the appearance that the smokers are unaware that they are hurting themselves.  They only draw the metaphor through shaping the smoke in a way that tells us that smoking is killing the user.  But the user does not look concerned.  I think the advertiser does this on purpose to tell us that even though if you smoke you might not see the consequences immediately, that you are indeed hurting your body and over time it is going to kill you.  The dark, gloomy backgrounds further ad to the morbidity and how frightening the picture and of the idea of smoking are. 

                Another way and possibly the most effective method these advertisers use to convince people to quit smoking is by showing pictures of children smoking cigarettes and giving statistics about how second hand smoke affects children.  These facts and depictions are powerful, because, oddly enough, it seems that most people care more about other people’s health, especially their children, than their own health; and while they might not stop smoking to benefit themselves, they may quit to benefit their loved ones and the people around them.

                All in all these advertisements are very powerful because of creative and graphic ways they show the effects of smoking that people might not normally think about.


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