Toyota Advertisement

The Toyota advertisement shows a calm mountain road with the guard rail broken and the rails pushed inward towards the road. Also, there are tire tracks leading to the road. At first glance it appears that the car advertised, the Toyota FJ Cruiser, was in an accident and flew off the road and down the cliff. From comments that I read in response to the ad some people did see a negative message because they did not take the time to look at the ad and what it is bringing to the viewer. However, when looking at the position of the broken guard rails, which curve in, and the tire tracks from the cliff onto the road It can be seen that the Cruiser came from up the cliff through the barrier and onto the road. The scenery in the background is a beautiful valley wedged in between two tall mountains. It is a view that people often see on long scenic car rides. When I saw the view it reminded me of views that I see going the the Blue Ridge mountains that I wish I could drive on and through to see the beauty up close. That is what the ad is showing. Its shows the Cruiser doesn’t need the road to get where its going. It can get up close to the rugged and rough natural beauty that other cars cannot handle. The road on the mountain is very brown and boring but it has a view that would make anyone want to get out and the mountains and valleys. The ad shows that the Cruiser can explore nature and can take the road less traveled. It brings across the message that its not about the place or taking the easy way; its about the journey and excitement of getting to your destination. The audience that the ad is for is the people that travel and enjoy being in the outdoors. Personally I thought this ad was great. It brings a message saying that the Cruiser can take you off the road and through the beautiful nature that you can only see on the roads. The branding is not big. In the upper right hand corner there is the car name and Toyota. This is not made to show off the beauty of the car; it is made to show what the car can do and the beauty you can see in nature if you have the car. Since the point of view of the photograph is an on looker seeing where the car has rejoined the road. It shows the viewer what they are missing out on and to be able to see what the Cruiser owner is able to see and go through.


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