Kenneth Cole’s take on absorption- Melissa Torres

Kenneth Cole had a widespread audience respond to his fashion ad on abortion. This ad mainly targeted women since they have the ability to bare children, their influence affects the faith of that child. Cole highlighted the comparison between the ability to afford a child and the ability to afford a bag since often money gets in the way of making decisions. Women are most likely to keep a child if the father is willing to help support the baby. Mothers wish to provide everything thing for their child and with extra support they would provide a better life for them.Therefore by Cole noting the similarities of making a decision based on someone’s finances he creates negative feelings off the ad, he suggest that babies are worth the same amount as a bag. Those people get disgusted by the fact that people choose what’s in and what’s out of style but a baby has no say if he lives or dies. The ad also recommends women to buy more bags because the bag in ad that the woman is carrying on her shoulder looks like a diaper bag. There are many shopaholics out there that are willing to spend a lot of money on bags to match every outfit in their closets. Kenneth Cole knows his demographic very well, hes been a women designer for thirty two years, he understands that women are willing to splurge on things for their kids. This ad provokes women to be in self control because it forces them to come up with their own decisions since its their body. Therefore its mostly their responsibility to come up with a solution. This ad goes beyond the fashion industry it’s political, this is a big issue. Kenneth Cole was brave to take it on.


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