K. Cole Ad

The ad that I chose to talk about is the one from Kenneth Cole about fashion and or abortion.  I think the audience for this ad can be anybody with an active genital reproduction system. So basically anybody from ages twelve or thirteen to probably around sixty year old can relate to what is being said in this ad.  The claim for this ad is since women are the one carrying babies they should have a say whether they choose to do so or not for each pregnancy.  It is paralleled to handbags where women feel the need to justify the purchase to their significant other or banker at times. This ad is appealing to many people but it generate a positive as much as negative perceptions at all time.  Some people might take it as the fact that he is trivializing such an important issue like life.  Some people might critic the fact that he is excluding men in the debate while if a child is born they have to help co-parent and support the baby financially too.  Then come the bigger issue in this topic PRO LIFE or PRO CHOICE.  The people who believe in Pro-choice might think that it is a weight to alleviate the subject as just how they see it a choice a woman has the right to make.  However the PRO LIFE people might take it as an insult with human life being compared to a bag because this is forever while bags are in and out of fashion depending on the season.  Some people also will take this ad as a light way of not guilting women out of their purchases like it’s not a big deal or a matter of life and death it’s just a purse.  Some men might take it as their rights being ignored in a matter where they should have a say.  The concept behind this ad definitely can catch anybody’s attention because it is thought provoking and one has to form an opinion.  I personally noticed the setting of the ad such as its shot in black and white and the mannequin is dressed like the seventies maybe as a bid from the designer to show us as we haven’t still progressed in these issues from decades ago. I also looked at how she is holding the bag.  It can be in reference to a baby hindering one’s life or actually being a catalyst for the future mom to improve her condition and better herself.


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