Jason Martin- Advertisement(BDDP Unlimited)

The advertisement that I chose was the picture of a full healthy woman with a cigarette in her mouth however it is the wrong end of the cigarette. This ad tells no one is safe when there is a person who smokes near someone who is healthy. It is informing people even if an individual doesn’t smoke, he or she will acquire the same negative side effects of second hand smoking from another individual who does smoke. It is exemplifying that second hand smoking is just as bad as the smoke riddled with chemicals can still enter the lungs of anyone and can cause more or just about the same effects of a person who is directly smoking the cigarette. It imports a fear factor to the viewers of the advertisement. The audience for this advertisement are clearly for any individual who does smoke cigarette as well as for anyone who comes across the ad even if they do not smoke. This ad focuses on using a healthy woman as a way of warning people they are not safe even if they do not inhale the smoke direct which is why there is a cigarette’s opposite end inserted in the woman’s mouth. The tells, “second hand smoking is more dangerous than first hand smoking as it contains up to 4000 chemicals where 50 of them are cancerous.” The ad is using facts to give knowledge to its audiences of the contents that are harmful in the cigarette even though it is on a general scale. Cancer is considered one of the most fearful diseases that society in the modern world would hate to acquire. So using  a complete fear factor, this advertisement solely tries to squeeze the idea of how deadly these products are so people would avoid these cigarettes. 


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