Anti Smoking

I chose to analyze one of the anti-smoking ads. The one that I looked at was the first ad by KellyKAshcraft. The ad is targeted towards smokers, esp. young smokers. There are two pictures in this ad. The first picture features a young female. She has a jacket and a hat on. It seems as if she is smiling. She has a cigarette in her hand and the smoke coming out of her cigarette looks like a rope which is tied to her neck. The rope is not too tight. The second picture is of a young guy. He has a cigarette in his mouth and he isn’t smiling. The smoke from his cigarette turns into a gun which is about to shoot him in the head.

Both pictures have a similar message. It is comparing smoking to committing suicide. I thought that the two pictures were like a before and after picture. When the girl has the cigarette in her hand, she hasn’t smoked yet. Hence, she is smiling and happy and even though the rope is there, it is loose. This, I think, means that she can still get the rope off her head if she quits smoking. However, the second picture seems more serious. The guy has smoked the cigarette and hence he isn’t smiling anymore. He has the gun pointed at him and it can go off anytime. Both pictures have a text that says “Kill a cigarette and save a life. Yours.” However, the one in the second picture is smaller than the one above. I think this is to show that you have better chance of surviving if you never smoked vs if you want to quit smoking.

The background is dark on both the pictures. I think that shows how serious smoking is. Both pictures use Pathos to get the message across. People looking at this ad might feel sympathetic because both the girl and the boy are young. It seems as if they are throwing the rest of their life away by smoking. Although I found the ad quite persuasive, I personally didn’t like it. Saying that everyone that smokes is basically shooting themselves or hanging themselves, I think, might be offensive to some people.


Nabindra Guragain


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