Anti-Smoking Ads.

While scrolling through these ads i find them a rather ingenious way to attempt to get smokers to stop smoking cigarettes. The first two ads focus more on the actual smoker itself because it depicts the smoke noose around the woman’s neck and the smoking gun pointing at the man’s head. Its message is to attempt at all costs to show smoker’ that this is genuinely something that can kill you. I can also see it that since the woman and them man also appear to be young of age, it could also appeal to parents of young smokers and make them see that it’s not just a little bad habit, its something that kills. Another one that jumped off the page to me was the cigarette with soccer drawn on it and the ash is slowly eating it away. This is an obvious appeal to athletes or any to enjoy leisurely sports as well. As a former athlete this definitely resonated with me and shows that smoking and sports generally do not mix, it’s usually one or the other. The next ad right after that is the drawing of the man and the woman in love on the cigarette with the ash eating it away. This is an appeal to any person trying to find that significant other and warns that smoking can potentially deter an interested party. The next advertisement i felt was worth noting depicted how males’ smoker’s sperm is generally slower and swim ineffectually compared to a guy that does not smoke. This is an attempt to appeal to the self-esteem and the manhood of guys everywhere. No one wants to be shooting blanks especially if you actually want to build a family and think it is the right time to bring a child into the world. I felt the last few ads depicting the children smoking with the caption “second hang smoke sends thousands of children to the hospital a year” were especially riveting. It shows parents that just because a child does not directly smoke, the parents smoking around children are just as bad if not worse because the children themselves cannot help it while the parents can. The parents are then responsible for putting their children at risk of going to the hospital and future health concerns. This particular collection of anti smoking advertisements were especially compelling from the real day-to-day life viewpoint it has and because it focuses on teenage athletes to middle-aged parents with children, the overall theme is smoking affects everybody not just the individual smoking.


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