Anti-Smoking Ad

Smoking is terrible for you. This is the message I get while looking at these pictures. The first one shows the trail of smoke wrapping around their neck and choking them, while the second one shows the smoke forming into a picture of a gun aimed at their head. Both get the message across that it kills you. The next couple show depictions on the cigarette insinuating that your life will turn to ashes if you smoke cigarettes. One even shows the ash in the form of a person down on their knees looking up for help. These appeal to mostly to your sense of pathos. Showing all the harm that cigarettes can cause will more than likely make people stray away from them.
There’s one picture showing sperm in the womb with the caption of “Smokers make poor swimmers.” No one wants their reproductive system to be messed with so this appeals to pathos as well. Your heart and lungs are shown with black tar all over them proving that smoking causes problems for them. This appeals more towards the logos side, along with the pictures depicting children with cigarettes in their hands with the caption of “Second hand smoke in the home hospitalizes 17, 000 UK children a year.” A bit of pathos could be shown here because people tend to feel more towards children and nobody wants children to suffer. The last few pictures show your body decaying the more you smoke. Also, one that was interesting to me, was the cigarette-colored hospital bed. The insinuation is that if you smoke, you’re going to end up there. This appeals to logos and pathos because no one wants their body to decay or end up in a hospital bed.


Garfield Burke


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