Advertisement- D’Juan Mercado

The advertisement that I choose was the picture of a young women smoking a cigarette, and the smoke went around her neck to form a noose. This was a very strong message because it was showing that smoking is equivalent to hanging yourself.  Another thing that I noticed about this picture is that the young women is just sitting there calmly and relaxing even though the smoke formed a noose around her neck. I believe that this is showing that smoking is a silent killer and even though you may be fine and healthy one day, as time goes on you are just slowly killing yourself. I believe that audience for this ad was for anyone who smokes, someone who know somebody who smoke or someone who is thinking about smoking. The reason I think this is because at the bottom of the picture there sentence that says “Kill a Cigarette and Save a Life.Yours”, this is heavily open in saying that if you smoke cigarettes you will die. This is a example of logos because whoever made the ad is using fact and logic. The fact is that if you smoke, you will increase your chances of catching and dying from lung cancer. This ad is also using pathos, because lung cancer is a horrible and scary thing, and this ad could play with the audience’s emotions and make them not want to smoke,  or tell a someone they know not to smoke.  Another thing that I notice about this ad is the fact that it does not feature any celebrities and it is not from a major company or organization. I think this is a good thing because it will help the audience focus more on the ad and not the company or person in the ad.  Overall I believe that this is a very strong and persuasive ad because it is short, sweet and to the point on what they want to say.


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