The advertisement I choose was one from the anti-smoking advertisements. The one I chose was forth from the bottom of the page, the one with two men smoking inside a building. From the outside the it looks like a normal building but inside the two smokers see a painting on the ceiling depicting a funeral with them the smokers as the ones being laid to rest. The outer edge of the advertisement looks like dirt that has been dug up, and there are people standing around the grave. I think the audience is clearly to smokers so that know the definite reality of what will happen to them. On the outside of the building is a ‘smoking area’ sign to show that you can smoke there but at the risk of eventually losing your life.  The painting itself shows eleven men and women joined to bid farewell to the deceased, some of whom are carrying flowers. The priest in the picture is blessing the dead men while the others just look down sorrowfully. The painting really shows the reality of the situation that these people who smoke are going to die because of it. The advertisement really appeals to the part of the person that doesn’t want to die. It’s inevitable that we will die but if you look at the advertisement some of the people in it are older showing the smokers die before the time they are supposed to.  The audience gets a sense they are already dead and it strikes fear into them that this, dying, is going to happen because of the smoking they do. All the people in the advertisement look sad too because the people who die from smoking are our friends and family members. The people in this advertisement are meant to represent the loved ones a smoker leaves behind after dying prematurely.


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