I chose the anti smoking ads. Specifically, I chose the picture of the boy with the hand of a grown man holding a cigarette. This ad has a very strong emotional appeal to it. It is informing people about second hand smoke (in the home, but also in general), and how it can affect children of all ages. Not only does smoking harm the individual doing it, but it is also extremely harmful to the people around the smoke. That is why in the picture the young boy has the hand of a full grown man, because although he may not be the one smoking the cigarette he is being harmed as if he is the one directly smoking. The child in the picture also looks very sad and upset. It makes smokers realize that the people getting harmed by second hand smoke are not asking for it, but it is being forced upon them. The audience for this advertisement are individuals that smoke cigarettes. Although people of all ages are impacted by second hand smoke, this ad focuses on children in order to get the sympathy out of the audience. It also states that “second hand smoke in the home hospitalizes 17,000 UK children a year.” This is presenting cold, hard facts to the viewer that proves these children are being negatively impacted by the second hand smoke of their elders. This advertisement is made by the Lung Cancer Association. Their symbol is located in the bottom left hand corner of the ad. This also brings in the idea that individuals who smoke, or people that are in the presence of second hand smoke have a greater risk of getting lung cancer. Cancer scares almost everyone in the US, and adding that on the bottom reassures people the smoking may eventually lead to this scary disease.


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