My Writing Process

I find it easiest to write when I am listening to music or have some other sensory input while writing. My first draft is normally very rough and it is much better for me to revise it at least once before it is reviewed by peers. In that first draft I try to write everything that I can think might make the paper better; I ignore grammar mistakes to ensure that I do not spend an exorbitant amount of time on correcting instead of writing. After finishing this rough draft I immediately put the paper away for at least a day. I choose not to read it in that day and try to ensure that I am critical of it when I next go through it. Even once my second draft is complete my tone and pacing are not always consistent; however I do find that the paper is at least coherent by this point. I focus most of my efforts on cutting out the least useful information, ensuring that what I keep is directly tied to whatever thesis the paper has. When going through my paper a third time I choose not to have music playing. At this point I need to be completely focused on the words on the page, I go through each sentence looking at my word choice and pacing. I try to ensure that I keep a consistent tone throughout the paper; I find that this step takes twice as long to complete as the first or second drafts.


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