My writing process

When I sit down to write, I usually set up shop with a drink some snacks and less than 12 hours before the assignment is due. I’m a habitual procrastinator. This usually takes a toll on the potential of my paper, letting what could’ve been the next exemplary paper that the teacher uses as a reference for the rest of his or her career, become another half baked “you got the job done” paper. But anyways, onto the rest of my process. I don’t make drafts. I make a very crude outline of what I try to address. I write a sentence and focus on rewriting that sentence until it is just right, and then when I am finished with the paragraph I make some tweaks so that it flows nicely throughout. The tone that usually comes from my papers are a conversational,semi-witty, seriousness. I have trouble with going off an tangents that I think relate to the topic, but my teachers never seemed to agree. This isn’t part of my process, but having awkward syntax embedded though out my paper is one of my specialties. I think it is partly due to how I think of dialogue and try to match written text to it but I haven’t gotten down the flow quite yet. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a paper come back with bright red “awk syn!” written atleast 5 times per page. I have alot I need to improve, and I look forward to trying to work those out this semester.


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