I get stuff done…..my writing technique

I know this is a terrible thing but I’m the biggest procrastinator there is, I’m that one person that waits for the night before or the morning of the paper. I have caught myself doing this on some accessions because I tend to stay more focus on a time crunch. I therefore try to do my best include as drafts as possible but usually I only make that one draft and just check over my spell and the flow of the paper. From past papers I realized that every time I procrastinate I tend to confuse my reader, I mix my tenses.

However, I have had my few share of papers in which were not half as done.When ever I get serious and really want to get a better grade on a paper I like to spread my rubric and start to get my resources all organize. I at that point turn off all my distractions such as iPhone and music. I know thats unheard of.

-Melissa Torres


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