How I Write – Jason Martin

When writing a paper I usually try to get it done when I actually begin working on it. Usually and unfortunately I wait til the paper is due 2-4 days before the due date and manage to get at least one revision or editing done. There are rare cases where the paper maybe long and I actually do start early but most times I tend to start late due to procrastination. I found it to be much more motivating to get the paper done in that one sitting so I do not have to care about it anymore and continue doing my other activities or work that I need to accomplish. When writing my paper I have no problem with writing an introduction by providing background information or applying hooks to the essay but once coming to the body of the essay it becomes challenging to write it. Conclusion are just as easy as the introduction because I can manage to sum up the essay proficiently without having to start the conclusion with ” So in conclusion”. When writing my paper, I like to watch shows or listen to music just so that writing the paper doesn’t become a bore. I would love to improve the way I present my information and supporting evidences as I tend to make my essays slightly disorganized, but maybe it could be due to the lack of research materials I had to offer in my past essays. As well as improving my grammatical spellings and lowering the errors.


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