My Writing Style – Janie Stallings

When it’s time for me to write a paper (or do any homework) I usually sit in my room and listen to the TV while I work. I can’t work in complete silence or with music on; it’s distracting to me. I usually write my papers in one draft. I will wait until the night before or the weekend before a due date and I will sit for a good three or four hours and write a paper.I will spend the most time on the first and last paragraph, but everything in between usually flows easier. Most times I forget or just don’t edit my papers. I know that I should edit it a couple times and I am trying to get into the habit of doing so. Procrastination works for me. I’m not good at slowly planning a paper, making an outline, going through two or three drafts, and editing it over and over. I would like to improve upon that and make it a habit to plan out papers and go through a well structured writing process. I would also like to work on not making simple mistakes that causes me to loose points for grammar and I would like to get better at editing papers. I am not good at looking back over my writing to fix mistakes and I think that this causes me to avoid the editing process all together.


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