My Writing Style – Steven Golden

When it comes to writing I’m actually a huge procrastinator. I usually leave most of the writing till 1-2 days prior to when the project is due. I do this because I find that I write the best under pressure. When I’m under pressure, my mind feels like its going at a million miles an hour and I come up with ideas and solutions to problems faster than if I weren’t under pressure. Most of the time I have a web diagram or a flow chart I made real quick about how I want the paper to go, any research I usually do before hand, but the writing of the paper itself, I usually wait till around the time its due. When writing the paper, I also do it over long sittings, so I take breaks in between such as do a few exercises (pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, sometimes just walking around and getting on my feet helps me think) , grab a drink and snacks to eat, or go and take a shower to clear my head if I find myself getting really stumped.

When writing the paper, the hardest part for me is also the first sentence because it sets the flow for the entire paper, and sometimes half way through the paper I will completely scrap the first sentence and make a new one because my paper is going in a different direction than my original first sentence. Once I have the flow and the knowledge down though, I can write pretty well pretty fast.

When it comes to proofreading, I usually do it paragraph by paragraph. After I finish writing a paragraph, I will completely re-read it to look for spelling errors, grammar errors, etc; but I also do this remind myself of what I wrote, and to make sure I have the flow and voice down to help me write the next paragraph. I rarely ever completely re-read the paper from start to finish.


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