How I write – D’Juan Mercado

For me the process of writing anything is simple. I normally wait until the day before it is due and right after I’m done with classes for the day I go back to my dorm and I sit at my computer and write until I finish the paper. I know that it is better to start your papers early and have multiple versions of a paper, but for me I like the pressure of knowing that I have to finish that paper, and if I don’t, I fail.  Another reason that I wait until the last moment is because if i start a paper one day and then have to come back to it and write some more, I just lose all focus and the flow of the paper becomes much more weak. This is because how and what I think on one day will not be the exact same way I feel the next day. When I finally start  writing, I love to listen to piano music because it helps my brain relax and helps make the flow of my paper better. I ignore the clock and just focus all my attention on the paper until I complete it. Now one thing that I would love to improve on this semester is my grammatical errors and to have an increase in my vocabulary. This is because I tend to repeat a lot of the same words and tend to make fixable grammatical mistakes in my paper. So that’s it, my process is pretty simple and their is nothing fancy involved. I hope you enjoyed reading and have a great day.


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